Lecture Course: Introduction to Literary Studies, 5. and 6. Lesson

Description Vorlesung im WiSe 2016-2017; Donnerstag, 10. November 2016
Creator Angelika Zirker (author)
Contributor ZDV Universität Tübingen (producer)
Publisher ZDV Universität Tübingen
Creation Date 2016-11-10
Subjects Literary Studies, Lecture Course, Vorlesung, Early Modern Drama, Early Modern Theatre, William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Character Constellation, Shakespearean Stage, Reception History
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Abstract This lecture must be attended in conjunction with the PS 1-part of the Basic Module 'Introduction to Literary Studies'. The lecture series has several functions: it is designed to give you an historical overview of literary periods within global English-language literatures (including the literatures of the British archipelago, of North America, and of the postcolonial world) via a number of exemplary texts; it will offer you a glimpse of close-reading methods exemplified in the lecturers' interpretations of those texts; and it will allow you to see your professors at work in their respective areas of specilization, facilitatiing your choice of seminars and topics in subsequent seminars as you continue on with your degree in English. Of the eight texts dealt with during the semester, four will be compulsory reading during your PS I, and four will be examined separately. Texts or extracts from the texts will be posted on moodle except where you can reasonably be expected to obtain an orginial copy yourself (e.g. Shakespeare).


00:00:00.0 Lecture Course Introduction to Literary Studies- Early Modern Drama/Theatre William Shakespeare, The Tempest (1611)
00:00:29.0 Lecture Course Introduction to Literary Studies- Early Modern Drama/Theatre William Shakespeare, The Tempest (Session Plan)
00:03:20.0 William Shakespeare's Last Play, Context: Author, Oeuvre, Moment
00:08:27.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Plot Summary
00:10:00.0 Character Constellation, Communication and Action (Basic Coordinates: Central Topics and Concerns)
00:10:08.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Characters in the Play/Dramatis Personae
00:11:53.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Opening Scene - a Storm (Tempest)
00:13:06.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Dramatic Genres
00:15:55.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Opening Scene, Presentation in Visual Arts
00:16:54.0 "The Tempest" (1.2), William Shakespeare
00:19:31.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Character Constellation
00:22:54.0 "The Tempest" (2.1), William Shakespeare
00:25:42.0 "The Tempest" (2.2), William Shakespeare
00:27:36.0 "The Tempest" (3.1), William Shakespeare
00:30:57.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Dramatic Communication
00:31:07.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Levels of Communication and Character Speech
00:33:06.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Epic Elements of Communication
00:34:41.0 "The Tempest" (3.1), William Shakespeare
00:36:02.0 "The Tempest" (3.2, 3.3), William Shakespeare
00:37:19.0 "The Tempest" (4.1), William Shakespeare
00:38:22.0 "The Tempest" (5.1), William Shakespeare
00:39:18.0 "The Tempest", William Shakespeare: Epilogue
00:40:44.0 The Shakespearean Stage (Aesthetics: Dramatic Strategies)
00:47:19.0 "The Tempest" (4.1), William Shakespeare: The Masque
00:54:15.0 Reception History of The Tempest (Reception and Theoretical Perspectives)
00:54:36.0 "The Tempest", Reception History: Music, Literature
00:57:10.0 "The Tempest", Reception History: Visual Arts
00:59:48.0 "The Tempest", Reception History: Screen Adaptations
01:01:27.0 "The Tempest", Reception History: Literary Criticism
01:07:03.0 "The Tempest", Reception History: Theatre Productions