Lecture Introduction to Cultural Studies, 1. and 2. Lesson

Description Vorlesung im SoSe 2017; Donnerstag, 27. April 2017
Creator Christoph Reinfandt (author)
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Publisher ZDV Universität Tübingen
Creation Date 2017-04-27
Subjects Cultural Studies, English, Lecture, Vorlesung, Culture Studies, Kulturwissenschaft, Study of Culture, Landeskunde, British Cultural Studies, American Studies, Culture, Locations of Culture
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Abstract This lecture course will introduce concepts and methods for the study of culture. Beginning with an overview of central categories such as signs, media, body, time, space, memory and identity, it will then proceed to analyse and interpret a wide variety of practices, texts, media products and popular culture items from the fields of British Studies and Postcolonial Studies in order to demonstrate how theoretically informed ‘readings’ of culture can enhance our understanding of the world.


00:00:00.0 Lecture Introduction to Cultural Studies: Cultural Studies, Kulturwissenschaft and the Study of Culture (Lecture Overview)
00:01:55.0 Culture Studies, Components: The Field in Germany
00:03:21.0 Culture Studies, Components: 'Landeskunde'
00:06:46.0 Culture Studies, Components: 'Cultural Studies'
00:10:40.0 Culture Studies, Components: 'Kulturwissenschaft'
00:12:55.0 Culture Studies, Components: 'Landeskunde', 'British Cultural Studies', 'American Studies', 'Kulturwissenschaften'
00:15:50.0 Culture Studies, Components: 'The Study of Culture' (Ansgar Nünning), 'Culture Studies'
00:16:34.0 Culture Studies, Components: "Cultural Dimensions of Globalisation" (Arjun Appadurai)
00:25:39.0 Culture, Definitions
00:25:53.0 Culture as a Historical Term
00:28:31.0 Culture as a Historical Term: "Observations on Modernity" (Niklas Luhmann)
00:31:17.0 Culture as a Systematic/Analytic/Functional Term
00:37:25.0 Culture as a Systematic/Analytic/Functional Term: "Kognitive Autonomie und soziale Orientierung" (Siegfried J. Schmidt)
00:38:47.0 Culture as a Systematic/Analytic/Functional Term: "Theory of Society" (Niklas Luhmann)
00:43:36.0 Culture as a Systematic/Analytic/Functional Term: "Wozu Kultur?" (Dirk Baecker)
00:48:23.0 Culture, How to Observe (Locations of Culture): Practice Paradigm
00:52:02.0 Culture, How to Observe (Locations of Culture): Text Paradigm
00:54:18.0 Culture, How to Observe (Locations of Culture): Autopoiesis Paradigm
00:55:40.0 Fields of culture-oriented theory and practice
01:02:34.0 Culture, how to observe? (Locations of Culture) - Defining Cultural Studies "Cultural Studies in the Future Tense" (Lawrence Grossberg)