Lecture Introduction to Cultural Studies, 11. and 12. Lesson

Description Vorlesung im SoSe 2017; Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017
Creator Christoph Reinfandt (author)
Contributor ZDV Universität Tübingen (producer)
Publisher ZDV Universität Tübingen
Creation Date 2017-06-22
Subjects Cultural Studies, English, Lecture, Vorlesung, Visual Culture, Painting, Photography, Realist Vision, Gustave Courbet, Perspective, Light, Camera Obscura, Observer Positions, History, Modernism, Authorship, Autography, Readership, Realism, Communication
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Abstract This lecture course will introduce concepts and methods for the study of culture. Beginning with an overview of central categories such as signs, media, body, time, space, memory and identity, it will then proceed to analyse and interpret a wide variety of practices, texts, media products and popular culture items from the fields of British Studies and Postcolonial Studies in order to demonstrate how theoretically informed ‘readings’ of culture can enhance our understanding of the world.


00:00:00.0 Lecture Introduction to Cultural Studies: Visual Culture(1) - Painting and Photography
00:00:21.0 Lecture Introduction to Cultural Studies, Recapitulation
00:15:32.0 Lecture Introduction to Cultural Studies: Visual Culture(1) - Painting and Photography (Lecture Overview)
00:18:02.0 "Realist Vision", Peter Brooks
00:22:04.0 Realist Vision (Andrew Hemingway)
00:23:49.0 Realist Vision: Self-Portraits, Gustave Courbet
00:25:52.0 Realist Vision: "The Stonebreakers", Gustave Courbet
00:26:34.0 Realist Vision: "Sea", Gustave Courbet
00:27:44.0 Realist Vision: "The Origin of the World", Gustave Courbet
00:28:29.0 A Matter of Perspective: Light, Perspective
00:32:15.0 "On Realism in Art", Roman Jakobson
00:34:00.0 Camera Obscura ("Ars magna lucis et umbrae", Athanasius Kircher)
00:37:12.0 Camera Obscura (Encyclopædia Britannica)
00:37:31.0 Perspective (Susanne Lüdemann)
00:40:24.0 18th-Century Observer Positions (Christian Huck)
00:46:16.0 Eighteenth-Century Dichotomies (Ideology) (Christian Huck)
00:48:56.0 Observing the World Realistically: "The English Novel in History 1840-1895", Elizabeth Deeds Ermarth
00:55:50.0 Photography, Brief History
00:59:17.0 Photography, Brief History: Nicéphore Niépce, first successful photographic image
00:59:50.0 Photography, Brief History: William Henry Fox Talbot, earliest permanent paper negative
01:00:14.0 Photography, Brief History: Daguerreotype
01:00:46.0 Photography, Brief History: "The Pencil of Nature", William Henry Fox Talbot
01:01:23.0 Photography and Modernism (Edward Weston)
01:02:30.0 Photography and Modernism (Examples)
01:03:43.0 Authorship and Autography (Michael North)
01:08:31.0 Authorship and Autography: "A Defence of Poetry", Percy Bysshe Shelley
01:11:20.0 Authorship and Autography: "Tradition and the Individual Talent", T.S. Eliot
01:13:26.0 Authorship and Autography: "Hamlet", T.S. Eliot
01:15:13.0 Photography/Authorship/Readership (Paul Hansom)
01:17:15.0 Photography/Authorship/Readership (Thomas Inge)
01:19:32.0 Implications for Cultural Studies (Aleida Assmann)
01:21:10.0 Revolutions in Communication (Bill Kovarik)