Vorlesung What Was Modernism?, 1. und 2. Stunde

Description Vorlesung im WiSe 2017-2018; Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017
Creator Christoph Reinfandt (author)
Contributor ZDV Universität Tübingen (producer)
Publisher ZDV Universität Tübingen
Creation Date 2017-10-26
Subjects Modernism, Lecture, Vorlesung, Modern, Modernist, Modern Literature, Western Tradition, Media History, Theories of Modernisation
Rights Rechtshinweise
Abstract This course of lectures, which takes its title from a lecture delivered by the critic Harry Levin as early as 1960, will provide a comprehensive introduction to modernism as a decisive step and turning point in the evolution of modern culture at large. Accordingly, readings of key texts from English and American modernist literature will be embedded in a number of non-literary topics such as, for example, developments in music and painting, the emergence of mass culture, the development of the sciences, the interaction of technological progress and media history, and the linguistic turn in philosophy.