Lecture Introduction to Cultural Studies, 9. and 10. Lesson

Description Vorlesung im WiSe 2017-2018; Mittwoch, 29. November 2017
Creator Michael Butter (author)
Contributor ZDV Universität Tübingen (producer)
Publisher ZDV Universität Tübingen
Creation Date 2017-11-29
Subjects Cultural Studies, English, Lecture, Vorlesung, Identity, Gender, Sex
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Abstract This lecture course will introduce concepts and methods for the study of culture. It will offer an overview of various theories of culture and approaches in the field of cultural studies. We will test these theories and approaches by applying them to a broad variety of cultural products, most of them taken from American culture. However, to provide some coherence and to demonstrate how different concepts shed light on different aspects of one work, we will return in each session to the films of the The Hunger Games series. It is therefore crucial that you watch or rewatch at least the first two films of the series before the class begins.