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Vorlesung A Brief History of Authorship, 7. Stunde
Reinfandt, Christoph (2007)
Reinfandt C. "Vorlesung A Brief History of Authorship, 7. Stunde.", timms video, Universität Tübingen (2007): https://timms.uni-tuebingen.de:443/tp/UT_20070621_001_author_0001. Accessed 14 Jul 2024.
Reinfandt, C. (2007). Vorlesung A Brief History of Authorship, 7. Stunde. timms video: Universität Tübingen. Retrieved July 14, 2024 from the World Wide Web https://timms.uni-tuebingen.de:443/tp/UT_20070621_001_author_0001
Reinfandt, C. (2007). Vorlesung A Brief History of Authorship, 7. Stunde [Online video]. 21 June. Available at: https://timms.uni-tuebingen.de:443/tp/UT_20070621_001_author_0001 (Accessed: 14 July 2024).
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title: Vorlesung A Brief History of Authorship, 7. Stunde
alt. title: Lecture A Brief History of Authorship
creator: Reinfandt, Christoph (author)
subjects: History, Authorship, Lecture, Vorlesung, Romanticism, Modernism, Romantic Authorship, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Autography, T.S. Eliot, Modern Authorship, Shakespeare, Nobody
description: Vorlesung im SoSe 2007; Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2007
abstract: Explicitly addressing an unspoken subtext of many debates in literary scholarship, this course of lectures will trace the historical development of notions of authorship from Plato to the present. It will tell the story of the birth of the modern author, his (?!) death in the late 1960s (reports of which seem to have been greatly exaggerated), and the resurgence of interest in the concept in recent years. Historically, the account will revolve around the competition between inspiration- and imitation-models of authorship, and it will end with an attempt at identifying a suitable paradigm of authorship for the 20th century and after.
publisher: ZDV Universität Tübingen
contributor: ZDV Universität Tübingen (producer)
creation date: 2007-06-21
dc type: image
localtype: video
identifier: UT_20070621_001_author_0001
language: eng
rights: Url: https://timmsstatic.uni-tuebingen.de/jtimms/TimmsDisclaimer.html?638565248398491234