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Vorlesung Why Shakespeare Matters, 17. und 18. Stunde
Bauer, Matthias (2023)
Bauer M. "Vorlesung Why Shakespeare Matters, 17. und 18. Stunde.", timms video, Universität Tübingen (2023): https://timms.uni-tuebingen.de:443/tp/UT_20230627_001_sose23whyshakes_0001. Accessed 16 Jul 2024.
Bauer, M. (2023). Vorlesung Why Shakespeare Matters, 17. und 18. Stunde. timms video: Universität Tübingen. Retrieved July 16, 2024 from the World Wide Web https://timms.uni-tuebingen.de:443/tp/UT_20230627_001_sose23whyshakes_0001
Bauer, M. (2023). Vorlesung Why Shakespeare Matters, 17. und 18. Stunde [Online video]. 27 June. Available at: https://timms.uni-tuebingen.de:443/tp/UT_20230627_001_sose23whyshakes_0001 (Accessed: 16 July 2024).
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title: Vorlesung Why Shakespeare Matters, 17. und 18. Stunde
alt. title: Lecture Why Shakespeare Matters, 17. and 18. Lesson
creator: Bauer, Matthias (author)
subjects: Englisches Seminar, Shakespeare, Lecture, Vorlesung
description: Vorlesung im SoSe 2023; Dienstag, 27. Juni 2023
abstract: Shakespeare is the most canonical of all writers. But (you may have wondered) why? And is Shakespeare’s status just a bothersome relic of high culture or does his work really matter? The lecture course will have two aims: (a) offer an introduction to Shakespeare’s plays and poems, and (b) offer reasons for considering them relevant in all sorts of ways. A range of reasons will be addressed: he created characters that have been considered prototypical, he influenced the way in which the English language is spoken, he created (or at least transformed) plots and stories that are still imitated by writers today, he shaped versions of kings and queens and other historical figures that determined the way we think about them, he presented emotions, relations and conflicts that we recognize as our own. Last but not least, there is a paradoxical reason why Shakespeare became such an important writer: because he was not a solitary genius but worked in various forms of collaboration.
publisher: ZDV Universität Tübingen
contributor: ZDV Universität Tübingen (producer)
creation date: 2023-06-27
dc type: image
localtype: video
identifier: UT_20230627_001_sose23whyshakes_0001
language: eng
rights: Url: https://timmsstatic.uni-tuebingen.de/jtimms/TimmsDisclaimer.html?638567000429793973