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Lecture Advanced Microeconomics, 31. and 32. Lesson
Kohler, Wilhelm (2022)
Kohler W. "Lecture Advanced Microeconomics, 31. and 32. Lesson.", timms video, Universität Tübingen (2022): https://timms.uni-tuebingen.de:443/tp/UT_20220111_001_ws2022advmicroeco_0001. Accessed 28 May 2024.
Kohler, W. (2022). Lecture Advanced Microeconomics, 31. and 32. Lesson. timms video: Universität Tübingen. Retrieved May 28, 2024 from the World Wide Web https://timms.uni-tuebingen.de:443/tp/UT_20220111_001_ws2022advmicroeco_0001
Kohler, W. (2022). Lecture Advanced Microeconomics, 31. and 32. Lesson [Online video]. 11 January. Available at: https://timms.uni-tuebingen.de:443/tp/UT_20220111_001_ws2022advmicroeco_0001 (Accessed: 28 May 2024).
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title: Lecture Advanced Microeconomics, 31. and 32. Lesson
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creator: Kohler, Wilhelm (author)
subjects: Wirtschaftswissenschaft, Advanced Microeconomics, Lecture
description: Vorlesung im WiSe 2021-2022; Dienstag, 11. Januar 2022
abstract: The module deals with the essential concepts of modern microeconomic theory and the underlying mathematical methods on an advanced level. It covers preferences and consumer behavior, production and firm behavior, competitive market equilibrium and general equilibrium, welfare, market failure and market power, asymmetric information and game theory. Students completing this module explain the essential concepts of microeconomics. In the practice course, they apply and deepen their understanding of these concepts. Students successfully apply microeconomic theory in advanced field courses, to understand and assess theoretical contributions in economic journals, and to develop their own research agenda for the Master program and beyond.
publisher: ZDV Universität Tübingen
contributor: ZDV Universität Tübingen (producer)
creation date: 2022-01-11
dc type: image
localtype: video
identifier: UT_20220111_001_ws2022advmicroeco_0001
language: eng
rights: Url: https://timmsstatic.uni-tuebingen.de/jtimms/TimmsDisclaimer.html?638524956336652622